A school is a place that ushers a hand to take the dreams of children meet up the reality.
So We at, Mount Carmel International School (MCI), work hard to fulfill everyones dreams. Our Ultimate dream is to make MCI your Dream School

MCI :Assisting child for stress free life

 In the world full of stress , there are children who need psychological assistance at a very early age. So school is a setting which can help them to teach how to live the life at the fullest .  In this way, MCI not only aims at assisting their kids to have ‘fun with learning, but to create landmarks in the child’s life where he stands proud and praises himself happily.  That is the reason why MCI is the dream school in Naraingarh

MCI:The Temple of Life Skill

MCI is not only bound to provide the quality education but also aspires kids to learn the skills that will help them to lead a happy and joyous life. That is the reason why MCI is the Dream School in naraingarh.

MCI:Perfect Blend Of Fun With Learning

The highly qualified staff of MCI always aims at concepts in such a way that education won’t prove to be a burden on the child’s mind but the child can use it exactly the way it is meant. That is the reason why MCI is the dream school in Naraingarh

MCI:Activity Based School

Activity Based School:- MCI is basically an activity based school which aims up at skilling the students through pre-designed activities ,games and various modern methodologies. At every step, school is providing ample opportunities to the students to test their knowledge on the practical grounds .

MCI:A Perfect Platform For Future CEO”S

MCI prospers with the aim of nurturing their students for facing the future challenges .The school is not only boosting the confidence theretically but also granting them adequate stage-exposure. Even the toddlers of MCI are not hesitant to express their views on any public platform. Various activities are being organized every Friday and every time, the results take the students to the higher
levels. This can be checked on their official FaceBook Page. https://www.facebook.com/mountcarmelngh/
That is the reason why MCI is the dream school in Naraingarh.

MCI:Fun Element at school

Fun Element in MCI :- The students of MCI are so Keen to come to school every morning because of the extra – Special fun element persisted in MCI that enhances their regular moments into wonderful memories .  Mass – Dance parties, class photographs , fun with teacher , morning club periods all these things assemble The MCI into A Happy and a dream School in Naraingarh.

MCI:Perfect Place for Physical Fitness

According to us, only reading and writing skill are not important for overall development of child, some sort of outdoor activity is very important for a good and a confident personality. So, We at MCI believe that to develop the child’s physical fitness and extracurricular activities are very important.So at MCI we have a sports ground which includes commando training where kids are taught the army level fitness.

best school in naraingarh
Best School in Naraingarh having commando training area


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