As per Dr.Harleen Kaur, if giving birth is an important decision for a couple in the same way selecting the best school of the area for your child is the most important decision as a parent. It’s a challenge for the parents as you will be putting them on a lifelong path. As a nursery is the basic for the sapling to grow into a strong and a well nourished tree same way the school  is the gateway of the future and utmost care must be taken for choosing the right school for your child in the starting.So if you have started the search for the best school for your child, then you should take care of the following things in mind.

1. As per Dr.Harleen Kaur, Identify With Your Child  And Do The Research

Selecting the  school by the big brand  name is one of the pitfall in the selection process.  So Start your search for the best school by thinking about what you want a school to do for your child.If your child has any special need or a particular sport to pursue, does the school cater for it?Will the school identify  your child’s unique skills.Most of the schools promote a combination of academic excellence, skill  set development,  social and physical development.You should be conscious about  your child’s demand. Do you want the child to be  academic achiever or just be happy  with a school which believes in all round development.So according to me considering all these things in mind you need to make a list.

How to Select the Best School For Your Child?

2.Make The List Of The Schools

Now a days if you have to buy the latest iPhone. What do you do? You will ask your friends who are using iPhone, check its google reviews then buy it. So same implies  for searching the top or best school also, You need to know  the  Reputation  of the school in the local Area,  Parents Review,   Facebook  & Goggle Reviews  too. Check only  those schools who are recognized and check their recognition Number online.

Search the Name of the Principal and her achievements on google

Then the main important thing is to check how is the Principal, as he/she is like the captain of the ship.Principal is the sole person who can take the school, its students and staff to the greater heights.If the Principal is not efficient the school along with its children can never exceed in the society. Other things to be taken care of is the education board the school follows, rigorous curriculum, extracurricular activities, the students, staff and Principal’s  achievements at national  and international level. Believe me all the handwork you put in will be fruitful in your child’s development in future.

3. Visit the potential schools with Dr. Harleen Kaur’s  Score Card

            To see the culture of the school, Staff efficiency, Infrastructure  and the child safety, you need to physically go and visit the school along with Dr. Harleen Kaur’s Score Card.

 So once you are ready for the  visit to one of the best /top schools of the city, take a pen and score card in hand and start alloting  them the required marks.

Dr.Harleen Kaur

Ready with the Score Card In hand

As you are about to enter the school gate , check the security guard  with regards  to their uniform, vigilance, courtesy  and assign them marks.

Then when you enter the school premises from the gate how did you feel?Did it soothen your eyes?Was the Façade Beautiful?Rate it. As a parent if you feel good while entering the school, your child will surely love coming to school for the years to come.

Once you reach the reception. Have a look around.Was the front desk warm and welcoming?Did the school counselor  attend you properly.Were you happy sitting at reception.After experiencing it rate it.

Most Important is Going for the school round

After that, Was  the school round  arranged for you .If they did not, that means they want to hide  the realities and things which are not perfect . If they take you for a school round.Look at the walls and display boards.Were they nice and decorated? How were the actual class rooms and its furniture? Were the CCTV’S, PA system, and the Smart Boards installed in every class or for a formality in one or two classes.Were they actually working? Once you go in Principal office check the CCTV display.

Check for Minute Things in the school.

When you are walking in the school campus, did you see the teachers? Were they smartly dressed, charming  and confidant in conversing?Were the female attendants neatly dressed in uniforms and did the kindergarten had each one of them. Was the school vibrant, neat and disciplined?  Was there safe drinking water, was the fire safety equipment installed. Were the First Aids kits available. Very important is  to go in the  washrooms and check the hygiene,were the commodes dry, and without stink. Rate it

Take a Round of the School Play Ground

After seeing the building area, parents need to visit the play ground as it’s a main place for development of the physical strength and motor skills. Parents need to check that does the school ground have the space and equipment for  any outdoor games like martial arts/ cricket/football/badminton/tennis/squash/skating/horse riding etc.Does it have a swimming pool/or splash pool/ mini zoo.Does the school provide a space for indoor games like chess, table tennis etc.Does the school provide remote cars or visual games for primary children?

Did You Check the Transport facility?

Does school have well maintained and sufficient buses to cater to the number of enrollment in the school. Does each bus apart from the driver have a female attendant and a conductor. Are they well dressed.See their behavior during the boarding time.Does the buss have a first aid kit, a water dispenser or comfortable seating.Check all things, as you should be fully satisfied withe transportation safety and security.

Dr.Harleen Kaur

Principal: Captain of the Ship

Did  you meet the principal? If the principal doesn’t have the time to talk to you that means she will never ever have the time for you and your child. And if the Front Desk allows you to meet the principal, then you need to observe how was she while interacting with you.Was she able to clear you doubts and satisfy you? What were  her qualifications? Did you find her/him academically sound?Did she/he had a pleasing personality? Does she have any achievements to boost.
Are there any Principal, Staff or Students Publications in National or International Magazines or Journals?

Founder Principal of Mount Carmel International School Naraingarh
Facebook and google Reviews

Did you talk to other parents whom you met at school reception or outside school. Were they  happy and had positive  views?

Did the school aura and culture actually matched their display on Face book or website?Becase at times  what schools display on web is actually different than the ground reality.

Are You Happy Being In the school?

In the end ask yourself are you being happy in school.becase if you are happy your child will also be happy always.are u satisfied. Rate your level of satisfaction.

In the end total the score you gave to each point.

 Play Ground Of Mount Carmel international school naraingarh
 4. Apply to the school who score highest on Dr. Harleen Kaur’s score card

Once you have visited the top 5 schools of the city and the total  scores assesed for each.The school which receives the maximum score is the best school for your child. I hope these tips which I give you will help you to make a strong decision for selecting the best  school for your child. So we wish you best of luck and happy admission of your child.

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