dr harleen kaur mount carmel international school naraingarh staff
Dr. harleen Kaur (Principal) and the Teaching staff, Mount Carmel International Scool Naraingarh
The MCI team headed by Dr. Harleen Kaur

The Principal ( Mount Carmel International School, Naraingarh) : Dr.Harleen Kaur

Dr. (Mrs.) Harleen Kaur is the Founder Principal of Mount Carmel International School Naraingarh, (Ambala). She has done her Ph.D in Medical Biotechnology from Punjabi University (Patiala).She did her research work at Indian Council of Medical Research( ICMR;Belgaum, Karnataka) and Armed Force Medical College ( AFMC;Pune, Maharashtra). She and her team at ICMR were first to submit a sequence of PVL gene from Staphylococcus aureus in NCBI gene Bank, Geneva from India.

Dr Harleen Kaur
Dr.Harleen Kaur With the MCI staff at  The MCI Lounge

Dr.Harleen Kaur’s Belief:

“I believe in student achievement by enabling better teacher performance. My constant effort is to build an effective team of teachers to nurture students for a better tomorrow at Mount Carmel International School”. Click the link to read her article published in Scoonews
: https://www.scoonews.com/news/dr-harleen-kaur-shares-the-essential-qualities-that-go-into-making-a-good-teacher-great-3280

dr harleen kaur
Dr. Harleen Kaur Principal Mount Carmel International school, Naraingarh with her Teaching Staff

Dr.Harleen Kaur as a Speaker

Principal Of Mount Carmel International School is the resource person/Speaker for the world’s leading publishing company, Pearson. For her success as a writer National School Awards committee invited her to deliver a presentation at the Gurugram Award Show. Click the link to see the video https://youtu.be/Z6OBXOaQr9Y

Dr Harleen Kaur
Dr Harleen Kaur with the MCI Staff on Teacher’s Day at Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

Dr.Harleen Kaur as an Author and An Editor

Dr. Harleen Kaur is a writer with various national and international journals. She ha been the chief and subject editor with various school and college magazines. She has designed Mount Carmel International School’s Kindergarten activity Books and School Almanac.Click the link to read the articles:





Dr.Harleen Kaur association with C.B.S.E.

She was External Practical Examiner and
Paper Setter Evaluator for CBSE Board Exams (XII) for Biology and Biotechnology. She holds the credit of setting Biotechnology labs at Prestigious Guru Harkrishan Public School (Vasant Vihar, Delhi) and Army Public School (Pune). She got Appreciation letter by Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) for her dedication towards the excellent XII board results and student welfare.

Dr.Harleen Kaur
Dr Harleen Kaur With MCI Management (Mr. Jagdev Singh & Mr. Tony Lalit Chanana) , Wing incharges and MCI kids

Dr. Harleen Kaur’s Army Background

Dr.Harleen Kaur is happily married to an Army Officer serving as Super Specialist Doctor in Military Hospital. She herself belongs to the family of Renowned Educationists.Her maximum teaching/research experience has been Army Institutes. Owning to her Strong Army and Intellectual background, she is exposed to the best teaching-learning practices. Her aura has been very much magnified by this in her character sketch that she has an urge to innovate and develop something novel in herself, her staff and Mount Carmel International School students.

Dr.Harleen kaur’s Score Card


Dr.Harleen Kaur’s Staff and her idea of a Happy Environment:

dr harleen kaur
Dr Harleen Kaur with the Female Staff of Mount Carmel International School, Naraingarh on Women’s Day.

Principal, Mount Carmel International School believes that most importantly we should provide a positive and a happy working environment to the staff. It will improve the stability of the staff and happiness among the children. Happy Teachers will nurture happy kids. Dr. HarleenKaur believes that the staff should be well paid. The staff should be appreciated for their good work . She believes in recruiting happy personalities which in turn will increase the ecstatic element in kids.

Dr.Harleen Kaur
Dr.Harleen Kaur with the Staff in the Jubliant Mood in the Office

To break the routine and to relax, several rejuvenation activities are also arranged for the staff. As most of the staff kids study in MCI , extra care is taken to make them feel special and wanted. Everybody wants to be wanted in the job, so I make sure I assign the duty, explain it from all angles and give them a freehand to show their caliber and creativity.

Dr.Harleen Kaur Salutes all the Female Staff at MCI

Dr.Harleen Kaur can be reached via :

kaur_harleen23@yahoo.in ; 
http://dr.harleenk123@gmail.com ;https://twitter.com/DrHarleenKaur1;  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-harleen ;https://www.facebook.com/drharleenkaur23/ ; https://www.tumblr.com/blog/its- harleenkaur ;https://www.flickr.com/photos/dr_harleen_kaur/? ;  http://drharleenkaur.blogspot.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwX_Ll42G1gn_6Z6o54FxvQ?

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