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Surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills, MCI is a well-found facility in and around   Naraingarh area. The infrastructure is specially designed to provide the amenities of the highest quality like Smart Boards, CCTV'S, PA system, LCD Projectors, Wifi  etc. The students experience an excellent educational environment . The school inculcates and promotes spoken English skills and computer competencies. Let’s not forget to make our children Better citizens for tomorrow,  MCI provides the right Discipline, Character Building And Team Spirit. With its experienced faculty, progressive teaching methodology and wide-array of co-curricular programs, MCI provides the right learning environment to nurture the children and transform them into the ultimate MCI product- “Confident and active learners with a strong individuality.” Mission of the School: To achieve  excellence in learning both in academics and beyond, and to bring back an element of ecstasy to the school surrounding which would nurture the child to bloom.   Vision of the School: Valuing all dimensions of child and emphasizing on their holistic development. Develop English communication skills and Technological competencies integrated with a sound value system. School  Strictly implements "No Home Work Policy" for class I & II.

The Pillars Of MCI (Management)

Mr. Lalit (Tony) Chanana


Mr Jagdev Singh


Mr. Suman Dua


Dr.Harleen Kaur


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Our Mission is to achieve excellence in learning both in academics and beyond and to bring back the element of ecstasy to the school surrounding, which would nurture the child to bloom.

Rigorous Curriculum with Practical Work
Spoken English & Technological Competencies
Skill and Talent Development (Holistic Development)
Discipline & Team Spirit

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Mount Carmel International School Team

The Principal ( Mount Carmel International School, Naraingarh) : Dr.Harleen Kaur Dr. (Mrs.) Harleen Kaur is the Founder Principal of Mount Carmel International School Naraingarh, (Ambala). She has done her Ph.D in
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Mount Carmel International School (MCI):A Dream School in Naraingarh(Ambala)

A Dream of Parents is to see their child, fulfilling his dreams. The child is the real asset that a parents hold and loves the most. A school is a place that
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Best School In Naraingarh MY DREAM SCHOOL “MCI”

Future Belong To Those Who Believes In Beauty Of Their Dreams ….. MCI is the Best School in Naraingarh, as all your dreams come true. For Children school is the second home,
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Best Kindergarten in Naraingarh: Mount Carmel International School (MCI)

Mount Carmel International School(MCI) known to have the best kindergarten in Naraingarh, has a wide range of facilities and resources. We believe that child is the most important treasure for parents .So
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Dr.Harleen Kaur Tells Us How To Select The Best School For Your Child?

As per Dr.Harleen Kaur, if giving birth is an important decision for a couple in the same way selecting the best school of the area for your child is the most important
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The Staff With 21st Century Teaching Skills

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Upper Wing & Lower Wing

Dr.Harleen Kaur

Principal with Front Desk

Glimpse Of MCI Staff

Upper Wing & Lower Wing


The School With An Out Of The Box Thinking

"Incredible Things Can Be done Only If We Are Focused, Motivated And Committed Towards Our Work".Dr. Harleen KaurFounder Principal, MCI
"If We Are Honest And Do Good To Others, Then Only Good Things Come Back To Us."Dr. Harleen KaurFounder Principal, MCI
"I Believe In Compassionate Motivation"Dr.Harleen KaurFounder Principal, MCI

MCI: The Complete Niche For Your Child

Vision: Holistic Development

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